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If you took a friend on a week-long tour of your hometown, where would you go? What would you do? (What would you avoid?) You’d give information only locals know—and a local’s recommendations aren’t often what an outsider would expect.

That’s how we want to show you India. We want you to explore what the locals explore, experience what the locals experience. Step outside of tourism and into authentic culture.
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Have you ever eaten without utensils? Do you know how to appropriately enter a temple? How do you culturally invite an Indian into your house? (Can you make chai?)

There is much you can experience from a homestay, visiting a religious site, or meeting locals. But learning cultural norms beforehand goes a long way to ensure your conduct is respectful and honoring. Our pre-tour orientation and cultural experiences give you the tools and opportunities you need to go deeper into Indian culture.
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Logistics. Simplified.

When traveling in India, knowing the local language, rates, and customs can make your dollar go much farther, allowing you to get more from your trip. However, if you’re not in the know, planning a simple trip can quickly become an ordeal.

Our travel team bridges that gap! By booking lodging and transportation before your arrival, the time spent stressing about logistics can be spent enjoying your trip instead.

What travelers are saying

“Our trip to Northern India was highlighted by getting to know some really wonderful people. Our tour guides, homestay family, the CEO of the tea plantation, even the owners of small restaurants were so open to us. We all felt like we really got to know their culture and history.”
"I personally enjoyed everything. Good pacing. I didn’t feel stressed because the tour guides took care of the rooms, food and transportation. Many fun stories as well. Indians are very friendly and giving."

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