Punjab Valley | Festivals and Farmland

Experience Punjab’s fertile plains, winding rivers, fireworks and festivals, historic and religious destinations, and even a homestay in village!
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Tour length
7-12 days, custom-designed
Group size
2-10 people
When to come
Tours are available from September through April
and are centered around the following holidays:
  • Dussehra — Oct
  • Diwali — Oct/Nov
  • Lohri — Jan
  • Republic Day — Jan
  • Holi — Feb/Mar
  • Vaisakhi — April
Type of trip
Cultural tour

Explore one of India’s most culturally rich states.

Immersed in lush farmland that borders the Himalayas, you will explore two major cities: Chandigarh (“The City Beautiful”) and Amritsar (the religious holy site of the Sikh religion).

Then, you’ll travel to a countryside homestay, where you’ll experience life at the pace of the agriculture season. Stay with a host family and discover village life by learning how to dance and cook. Depending on the month of your tour, the trip will also include a celebration of a local festival (Diwali, the Festival of Lights; Lohri, the winter festival of kites and bonfires; or Holi, the Color Festival—just to name a few!).

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