What makes us different

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, yet most tourists barely scratch the surface of Indian culture. While it’s easy to visually explore India, the culture has many layers, and it takes more than a quick tour to experience it fully. Our tours are unique in that we want to dive deep enough so that you not only experience more, but also discover the local culture’s story. Our housing, cuisine, and shopping experiences are similar to what locals would choose, and we focus on places to visit that we’ve been invited to personally. Essentially, you’ll get to visit India as if you were invited by a family friend. You’ll also be able to enjoy nature, festivals, and other attractions that locals go out of their way to visit.

What should I expect?

Western and Eastern cultures are very different, and while India is adopting some Western characteristics, there are still many things to adjust to as an outsider. However, after your experience in Indian culture, you might find yourself wanting to install your own bidet in your bathroom, eat with roti (why wash extra utensils?), and enjoy a pace of life that is better suited to investing in relationships rather than strict time engagements. We’ll prep you on everything to expect before landing, guide you through the logistics to get to India, and do a brief orientation upon arriving. Come with questions, adjust as you learn, and enjoy discovering a part of the world you’ve never experienced before.

Meet our team

Gurjant | Local business partner

Having grown up in Punjab, Gurjant is an enthusiast in local forms of dancing and cultural arts. After studying art, he pursued several other lines of work, eventually pursuing his dream of running a tourist company geared toward promoting what he loves best: his own culture! Skilled bargainer, avid travel enthusiast, and fan of local Punjabi artist Sidhu Moose Wala, he is our expert in local culture.

Andrew & McKenna | Co-founders

Working as an engineer in California and spending his free time traveling abroad, it didn’t take long for Andrew to realize his true passion for travel. He lived in North India for 16 months, exploring, learning language, building new friendships, and immersing himself in local culture. Soon after his return, he married McKenna, who shared a similar passion for travel. Combined, they have traveled to over 23 countries—though India still tops their list of the most culturally diverse. They are thrilled to bless others by running a tour company so others can experience a taste of the culture they love.