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What does your dream trip to Northern India look like?

Do you want to visit during a festival or come during a more quiet month? Do you want to live on a farm or prefer a mountain get-away? Or perhaps you’re a hiking enthusiast that wants to bag a mountain pass at over 13,000 feet?

We want to know!

Our tours are custom built, depending on size, duration, and preferences. Often, more than one region can be explored. Start by filling in your information below to begin our process of creating a tour made for you and your group. Within 1-2 business days we will arrange an appointment over the phone to discuss particulars and what potential itineraries may include. During our call, we will ask what areas you are interested in, whether or not you would like to add an additional day to visit the Taj Mahal, what the purpose of your trip is, and offer recommendations based on our knowledge of the area.

The final steps regarding passport, eVisa, flights, and health insurance will be taken care of after confirmation of the trip details.

Let’s talk about your trip to Northern India.