Lower & Mid Himalayas | Discover Kangra Culture

Traverse a variety of terrains in the mountains, taste tea at historic tea gardens, meet locals, hike, and learn about Himachli and Tibetan culture!
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Tour length
8-15 days, custom-designed
Group size
2-8 people
When to come
Tours are available for the following times of year:
  • Fall (Sep - Nov)
  • Spring (Feb - May)
Type of trip
Optional hiking (moderate difficulty)

Get a cultural tour of the Himalayas

Come explore a region of the Himalayas that is both culturally rich and diverse. After arriving in New Delhi, you’ll quickly traverse to higher elevations in the mountains, where you’ll discover the mysteries of Kangra Fort and enjoy sweeping views that open up to peaks beyond. A homestay will welcome you to the area, where homemade dishes from their garden, bonfires, and karaoke make for exciting evenings.

After saying goodbye, taste local flavors of tea from a tea plantation that dates back to the late 1800s. The remaining time will be spent at a mountainside city that is home to historical British architecture and a popular day-hike called Triund. Take time to explore the temple complex of the Dalai Lama and learn about the Tibetan culture: a nation without a land, taking refuge in the Himalayas while preserving their cultural identity.

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