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“What is North India really like?” People ask themselves that, even after they’ve gone through a “traditional” sightseeing tour. Our company is unique in that we start with the idea that tourists want to participate in the culture they are exploring, and we go out of our way to facilitate opportunities to engage with the culture around them. We do this by building our tour packages around the following experiences.

Local festivals!

The most exciting times to be in India are during festivals, like the festival of lights (Diwali), of colors (Holi), of good versus evil (Dussehra), of kites (Vasant Panchami), or even bonfires! (Lohri). While not included in every tour, we plan our trips around these holidays so that you can learn about Indian culture and experience some of the richest (and most fun!) parts of the year.

Local homestay!

Whether in the Himalayas or in the Punjabi farmland, living with a local family will give you an inside glimpse into what a life lived in India is actually like. Wake up to homemade food in the kitchen, take part in jobs on the farm, talk to family members and friends, and hear stories of what they like most about their culture.

The Himalayas!

Home of the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas boast incredible hiking spots, eagle-eye views, and rich local culture. Trek along a mountain ridge, try local eateries, cable-car over large ravines, or stumble upon an ancient temple. There’s much to explore on the Roof of the World.

North Indian culture!

What comes to mind when you think of North Indian culture? Lively dancing? Spicy food? Riveting cricket matches? Or maybe tandoori chai served in a street market? The Punjab Valley is known throughout North India as a main cultural hub, with a music industry that tops charts, and a vibrant dance style to go with it. We’ll be exploring cities of religious and historical significance, staying with local families in a village, and seeing (and tasting!) what North India has to offer.

Local cuisine!

It’s hard to talk about India without mentioning what Indians eat—and it’s more than just curry! Home to spices and fresh ingredients, North India (and especially Punjab) boasts of many unique dishes: palak paneer, paranthe, butter chicken, samosa, and more. Western options are available, but our tours are designed to give an inside view of the kitchen, taking tourists to authentic restaurants, homestays, and eateries where local food can be highlighted and culture explored.

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